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Viral Video Exposes Disturbing Act: Nigerian Police Officer Accused of Running Over Handcuffed Man.

Updated: Jul 5

A disturbing incident involving a police officer from the Nigeria Police Force who allegedly crushed a man with a car in Ekpoma, Edo State. The incident was captured in a viral video shared on Twitter by @PIDOMNIGERIA.

In response to the video, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Nigeria Police Force Public Relations Officer, expressed disbelief and condemned the incident. He stated that the force must take immediate action and mentioned that he had already spoken to the state police commissioner about the matter.

According to the video, the victim, who was handcuffed, was lying on the ground in front of a police patrol car. Residents were present, engaging with the police when suddenly, one of the officers driving the vehicle moved it forward and crushed the victim. The video shows the tire rolling over the helpless man. Eventually, the officer stopped the vehicle after residents repeatedly shouted that the victim was underneath it.

@PIDOMNIGERIA, the Twitter user who shared the video, captioned it by criticizing the Nigerian police for their alleged heartlessness. They mentioned that the victim was currently at the Irrua Specialist Hospital in Edo State, fighting for his life.

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