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Truth Commission: Bianca Denies Claim of 322 Bodies Discovered in Anambra Mass Grave

Amb. Bianca Ojukwu, Secretary to the Anambra Truth, Justice and Peace Commission (ATJPC), has refuted claims circulating in the media that a mass grave containing 322 bodies had been discovered in Anambra State.

Bianca Denies 322 Bodies Anambra Mass Grave

Mass Grave Discovery in Anambra: Clarifying the Misinformation

The erroneous reports stemmed from a Nov. 6 post on Ojukwu's Facebook page, where she mentioned the discovery of a suspected mass grave based on testimonies presented during the ATJPC's public hearings. However, Ojukwu emphasized that the number of bodies buried at the site remains undetermined and will only be known after a thorough forensic investigation.

Ojukwu clarified that the figure of 322 represents the total number of individuals confirmed dead or killed due to violence within Anambra, as documented through witness testimonies during the ATJPC's proceedings. She further acknowledged the existence of many unaccounted-for individuals, including 18 who have been identified as missing or presumed desaparecido.

The ATJPC Secretary urged concerned individuals whose relatives, loved ones, or friends are missing to file a report with the newly established Bureau of Missing Persons within the Ministry of Justice. This Bureau aims to address the issue of missing persons and provide support to affected families.

The ATJPC's ongoing investigations and the establishment of the Bureau of Missing Persons demonstrate a commitment to uncovering the truth and providing justice for those affected by violence and disappearances in Anambra State.

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