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The kidnapping crisis in Nigeria: kidnappers' impunity and the government's lackadaisical attitude

The kidnapping crisis in Nigeria is a serious problem that is having a devastating impact on the country. The government has failed to protect its citizens from this scourge, and the kidnappers are operating with impunity.

The kidnapping crisis is preventing people from going to school, going to work, and traveling freely. It is also creating a climate of fear and insecurity.

This kidnappers are often motivated by ransom demands, and their victims range from schoolchildren to business leaders to ordinary citizens. the worst part is that the government keep motivating them indirectly by giving ransom.

We call on the Nigerian government to take immediate action to address the kidnapping crisis.

We call on the international community to pressure the Nigerian government to take action on the kidnapping crisis. @amnestyinternationalafrica @humanrightswatch @ihrdafrica

#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #EndBadGovernance #Kidnapping


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