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Navigating a Lost Jurisdiction: @NigBarAssoc's Misplaced Focus on the Legal Landscape

@NigBarAssoc is questioning her based on her personal lifestyle's impact on the Legal profession, yet they've shown no similar action against Malami, who, as justice minister, ignored many court orders.

Why hasn't a petition been raised against @GovWike? He's both a lawyer and a governor known for rights violations and defying court orders, even on worker compensation for two years.

And what about the lawyers of @OfficialDSSNG? They seem complicit in the secret police's repeated defiance of court orders.

Sadly, affluence and influence shield these individuals from the NBA's censure, revealing a disregard for regulations.

This is hypocrisy. Why focus on personal lives but overlook the rampant impunity obstructing justice. The silence on this vital issue raises a crucial question: When will @NigBarAssoc truly champion justice in the nation?

#Endsarsunited #EndSARS #EndImpunity #NigeriaNBA #JuwonSanyaolu #EndBadGovernance #AllEyeOnTheJudiciary

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