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Lagos to Hold Mass Burial for #EndSARS Victims, Lekki Tollgate Incident Sparks Controversy.

In the aftermath of the #EndSARS protests that took place in Nigeria, Lagos state authorities have confirmed plans for a mass burial of some victims. According to recent reports, a total of 103 bodies were recovered, but the authorities clarified that these bodies are not related to the Lekki Tollgate incident. The Lekki Tollgate shooting had gained significant media coverage and public outcry, with allegations of excessive use of force by security forces.

Amidst the plans for the mass burial, the controversy surrounding the Lekki Tollgate incident remains unresolved. Lagos authorities assert that there are no victims from the Lekki Tollgate shooting included in the mass burial. This statement has further fueled discussions about the authorities' handling of the situation and the demands for justice for the victims of the #EndSARS protests.

Prominent voices, including activists like Yele Sowore, have taken to Twitter to express their concerns and call for accountability. Twitter user @JaypeeGeneral posted a comment, saying:

"Enough is enough! The authorities must be held accountable for the atrocities committed during the #EndSARS protests, especially the Lekki Tollgate incident. It's disheartening to hear about the mass burial of victims without addressing the Lekki Tollgate victims separately. We demand justice for those who lost their lives while peacefully protesting for their rights. The world is watching, and we won't back down until justice is served! #EndImpunity #AccountabilityNow"

The situation continues to draw attention and raises questions about transparency, accountability, and the need for justice for those affected by the protests.

As developments unfold, the nation watches closely, hoping for an unbiased investigation into the events and a just resolution for the victims and their families.

See @IPrinceSaviour tweet.. below

We firmly believe that every citizen's life is valuable and important. The news of the planned mass burial for some victims of the protests is deeply concerning. We must ensure that each life lost is given the respect and attention it deserves, including the victims of the Lekki Tollgate incident.

The controversy surrounding the Lekki Tollgate incident is a stark reminder of the urgency to hold the authorities accountable for their actions during the protests. The demand for justice and transparency is not just a desire; it's a necessity for healing and progress in our nation.

I stand in solidarity with the voices of activists like Yele Sowore, and I echo their call for accountability. The world is indeed watching, and we must continue to raise our voices until justice is served. We cannot let impunity prevail.

Let us never forget the reason behind the #EndSARS movement - the call for an end to police brutality and a better future for all Nigerians. As developments unfold, let's keep pushing for an unbiased investigation and a just resolution for the victims and their grieving families.

Together, we can bring about the change we want to see, and together, we will make Nigeria a safer and more just place for everyone. #EndSARS #JusticeForAll #AccountabilityMatters"

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