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ENDSARSUnited voices worry over Lagos State Government's hasty allocation of N61m for mass burial.

ENDSARSUnited, the advocacy group seeking justice for victims of the ENDSARS protests, has raised concerns over the Lagos State Government's hasty allocation of funds of 61m for a mass burial of protesters who lost their lives. The organization questions the government's priorities amidst unresolved issues and reconstruction efforts.

We are alarmed by the urgent budget allocation for the mass burial, calling for transparency and a detailed breakdown of the funds. The group emphasizes the need for accountability and demands that the government addresses justice and compensation for victims without overshadowing these crucial matters with the burial expenditure.

The advocacy group urges Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to respond to their concerns promptly, seeking genuine commitment to resolving grievances and transparent handling of public funds. #EndImpunity

As the voice of citizens seeking justice and police reform, ENDSARSUnited highlights the importance of addressing grievances responsibly and ensuring accountability in the aftermath of the ENDSARS protests.

#EndSARS #JusticeForAll #AccountabilityMatters

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